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Red Wing School Board Masks Decision Delayed

The Red Wing School Board met Monday night and was unable to agree on a decision regarding a masking policy for returning students and staff. Administration is recommending adopting one of three options, each with a different level of masking required.

The board heard from several parents, with most against any requirements. Board Chair Pam Roe said any decision is going to invite criticism and she supports letting parents decide the issue.

Board member Jim Bryant says he can’t vote for any mask mandate.

Board member Arlen Diercks says he wants more information but could see himself supporting requiring K-6 students to wear masks but not older students.

The current Option A would require all students, employees and others to wear a mask indoors or in a school or contracted vehicle. Students and everyone else would be encouraged but not required to mask up outdoors as long as they are not in sustained contact with others.

Option B would require students and everyone else to wear masks in Elementary-6th grade school buildings. Both would provide for qualifying exceptions.

Option C would not require students to wear face coverings except when they are in school or contracted vehicle, showing symptoms of COVID and haven’t left school grounds yet, or other circumstances as determined by the department head or building leader.

The school board will meet in special session Monday, August 23 following a workshop at 6 pm.

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