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Your Call MN Media Campaign

Your Call MN is a public service campaign created in collaboration with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension led MN Human Trafficking Investigators Task Force and the Tribes United Against Sex Trafficking Task Force to raise awareness about and increase reporting of suspected human/sex trafficking in the state of Minnesota.

Rob Pero, who manages public relations and social media for the Your Call Minnesota public awareness campaign, says after COVID hit, the campaign, which started last November, they increased their online presence.

Pero says they reached out to assist organizations that work with victims. He says going forward the campaign, which wraps up at the end of October, has been successful so far but the work is far from over.

Pero, who is also CEO and Creative Director of Perodigm, the indigenous-owned company tasked with the developing the campaign, says the ultimate goal is to raise awareness for both adults and kids.

To report suspected sex trafficking call 877-966-6222 or text HELP to 233733.

For more information go to or the Your Call Minnesota Facebook page.

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