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Mayo Nurses Petition

672 nurse members of the Minnesota Nurses Association filed a petition last week with hospital management at six Mayo Clinic facilities.

The petition drew signatures from more than 70 percent of all MNA members at the six facilities located in Red Wing, Lake City, Albert Lea, Austin, Fairmont, and Mankato.

Their demands call for wage fairness, Mayo MNA nurses are asking to be paid triple time for all hours worked while travel nurses are being utilized.

They are also asking for rentention incentives, they want a $4000 bonus for every three months that nurses remain on the job.

Mayo’s response, in part, says

“Mayo Clinic values its nursing staff and offers a highly competitive compensation package. We are working diligently to assist with the staffing issues, including offering premium pay and financial incentives, utilizing agency nurses, redeploying staff from outpatient areas to alleviate inpatient constraints.”

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