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Red Wing City Council Passes Budget and Tax Levy

The Red Wing City Council Monday night passed the 2024 City budget and tax levy by a vote of 5-2.

In September, the council approved a 16.5% preliminary property tax levy but the council worked and cut that number down, to 10.89% but that did not have the support of enough council members to override a possible veto by Mayor Mike Wilson.

After public comment, which was split between people who spoke for and against the increase, the council ended up cutting approximately $410-thousand dollars, which got the increase in levy down to 9.1 %.

The cuts came from eliminating the Mayors and City Council Administrators travel and conference budget, and taking $200,000 each from the Contigency and General Funds.

The reductions left the 2024 budget just over 25-million, 700-thousand dollars.

Ron Goggin and Don Kliewer cast no votes.

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