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Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance Projects

The Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance continues to gain more members, around 800 now, as more people become aware of their mission.  


Rylee Hince, LPLA Executive Director, says the non-profit\s goal is to use community engagement, science, and public policy to improve water quality, habitat, and accessibility in Lake Pepin.


LPLA is excited about the changes going forward after last spring’s groundbreaking ceremony in Bay City and the construction of a first-of-its-kind Mississippi River habit improvement project.


Hince says the Mississippi River Upper Pool 4 habitat project includes building peninsulas, access dredging, and shoreline protection near Bay City at the head of Lake Pepin.


Hince says the nearly $27 million project will use river sand from the Mississippi River navigation channel and backwaters to improve habitat.


For more information about LPLA, go to


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