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Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office Divisions

The Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office has many roles in our communities and some might not be as well known as others.

Goodhue County Sheriff, Marty Kelly, says in addition to the Dive/Rescue team, the Sheriff’s Posse with mounted Deputies on horseback, and the SWAT team, among others, their department includes the Four Seasons Patrol Division.

The Division is responsible for law enforcement and to promote safety on all usable waterways within the county. The division is also responsible for law enforcement, safety instruction and promotion of safe riding habits on the county's snowmobile and ATV trails.

Kelly says their K-9 unit does much more than just sniff out narcotics, they have many skills that make them a valuable tool for law enforcement.

Kelly says they are down to a pair of K-9 officers, but are hoping to identify another handler and and dog going forward to get back up to 3, after an officer resigned and moved to a job in Rochester along with his K-9 partner.

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