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Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office Badges and Bobbers

The Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office has started to plan their 2023 Badges and Bobbers event.

They kick off the countdown to this event with a drawing contest. The winner of the contest is guaranteed a spot in our day of fishing and they get to fish alongside Sheriff Marty Kelly among other prizes.

The winning drawing will also be the logo we use for this year’s event and will be on all of the T shirts that the participants receive.

Drawing contest is open to kids ages 7 to 14, entries must be received by 1 pm on April 3rd. Up to 3 entries per person. Images can be drawn by hand or by computer. Please include the following with each entry: Name, address, phone number and age.

Entries can be emailed to: Jenny.Hofschulte@Co.Goodhue.MN.US.

Or they can be mailed to: Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office

Attn: Deputy Hofschulte, 430 W. 6th Street, Red Wing, MN


*Please note if you mail your entries, you will not get them back. *

The winners will be announced by April 10th.

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