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Goodhue County Bridge Closed

It has recently come to the attention of Goodhue County that trucks, with loads far surpassing the set weight limits, have continued to drive across the bridge on County Highway 2 between County 3 Boulevard and County 45 Boulevard and after inspection it is closed again to ensure the safety of the public.

Last fall it was discovered Bridge 25501, located along County State Aid Highway 2 south of Frontenac and north of Bellechester, had structural defects.

The bridge was initially closed until further determinations for safe travel could be made. The bridge was reopened in November with posted weight limitation.

The bridge was scheduled to be replaced in 2024. It’s been surveyed by staff and the design of a new structure is being discussed with bridge consultants and is planned to be replaced during the 2023 construction season.

Goodhue County Public Works Staff will provide details to the Board of Commissioners and the public as they become available.

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