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Cannon Falls Education Foundation Give to the Max Day

On Thursday, November 18th, you get to be a difference maker in the lives of Cannon Falls kids.

Every year the Cannon Falls Education Foundation participates in the Give to the Max Day, an online fundraising drive. This year the Cannon Falls Education Foundation (CFEF) is asking you to help them reach their $13,000 fundraising goal.

The money raised by CFEF goes directly to Cannon Falls pre-K—12 schools and provide local students with the tools and opportunities to help promote excellence in education, such as iPads for middle and high school distance learning, robotics kits for the elementary school or preschool curriculum and assessment tools.

To donate, visit between now and Thursday, November 18th. If an online donation isn’t an option for you, you may choose to drop off a check made out to Cannon Falls Education Foundation by Nov 18th to either Freeberg Insurance Agency or Cannon Valley Specialties. You may also choose to mail a check to CFEF, 820 E Minnesota St, Cannon Falls, MN 55009.

If you make your tax-deductible donation on Thursday, November 18th at certain times of the day, your gift could win CFEF extra monies.

Visit their Facebook page at for more details.

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