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Wabasha Police Department Phone Provider Scam

The Wabasha Police Department is advising residents to be aware that not all of your mail may be legitimate.

They have had letters sent by what appears to be main cell phone providers (ATT/Verizon/etc) sending out bills, but they are fraudulent.

They have the same phone company logos and billing format. Keep in mind scammers may try to do this with other main companies as well.

Red flags to be aware of:

•Bills being sent from cell providers or companies that you do not have a contract through.

•Your name on the mail, but an incorrect home address.

•The phone number or account information on the bill statement not being correct.

•If you call the company number on the billing statement and they ask for your bank or credit card information to verify your account.

Ways to prevent being scammed:

• Call your local provider near you or find the company number off your provider’s website.

• Set up auto payment plan.

• Verify account information is all correct prior to payment.

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