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Wabasha County Public Health Omicron Cases Soar

Wabasha County Public Health is reporting a drastic increase in positive COVID tests in the past week or so.

Tammy Fiedler, Wabasha County Public Health Director, says the Omicron variant is showing up in large numbers.

Fiedler says it sound simple but the steps we learned 2 years ago still apply to staying healthy.

Fiedler says people who have been vaccinated may come down with Omicron but they are not the vast majority of people who are getting real sick.

Testing in Red Wing and Rochester can be done at Mayo Clinic and in Wabasha St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and Clinics are offering free testing as well.

Wabasha County Public Health will be offering a Moderna COVID-19 Booster Clinic at the Public Health office in Wabasha) on Wednesday, January 26.

For more information, go to and click on Public Health under the Departments tab or the Wabasha County Public Health Facebook page.

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