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Rock Removal Noise Hwy 52 Project

Residents south of Cannon Falls and west of Hwy 52 may hear rock removal work beginning Friday, October 22nd as crews prepare the land to build a road connecting Goodhue County Road 14 with Goodhue County Road 24, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The work will remove limestone rock as part of the Goodhue County Road 14 connection, which is part of the Hwy 52 Zumbrota to Cannon Falls construction project. The removal of the rock is dependent on weather and completion of prior scheduled work.

The work is scheduled to begin Friday and last approximately three weeks. Work will be performed during late-morning or early-afternoon hours.

During this time, people may hear noise similar to fireworks, feel potential vibrations and see dust. Monitoring procedures are in place for vibration levels, fly-rock control, dust reduction and other safety precautions as required.

The Hwy 52 project is from Zumbrota to Cannon Falls. It began in July and will be completed in 2023.

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