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Mississippi River Flyway Weaver Bottoms

The Mississippi River Flyway is one of North America's most traveled routes during spring and fall bird migrations.

Roughly 325 species of birds and about 40 percent of waterfowl use this "super highway" during migration and Explore Minnesota has come out with list of some of the top places to witness Minnesota's spectacular fall migration.

Acting like a migration super highway to the south, the entire Mississippi River corridor draws birds of all shapes and sizes, with both Frontenac and Great River Bluffs state parks offering scenic hikes along the route.

Frontenac State Park is 10 miles southeast of Red Wing and Great River Bluffs State Park is southeast of Winona.

The article highlights the back channels, especially near Weaver, where tundra swans congregate mid-October to November.

Picture by Paul Vincent

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