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City of Wabasha Tree Planting

The City of Wabasha Public Works Department has just finished planting 200 trees of 6 different varieties, with 700 more trees to go.

Public works received grant from the DNR for just over a $33,343 to plant trees in order to replace the 950 ash trees that had to be removed due to the Emerald Ash Borer Disease.

This disease is from an invasive beetle from Asia that attacks and kills trees.

According to Riley Costello, Assistant Public Works Director, the department is on pace to plant 50 to 100 trees per week later this fall and next year, if conditions are right. Variety of species include, Elm, Locus, Linden, and crabapple trees.

The Wabasha Kellogg Area Community Foundation also supported the purchase of some of these trees with a financial contribution to the City of Wabasha.

If you would like to support more trees being planted in the City of Wabasha, you can donate to the City, with your gift being designated for “Wabasha Trees”.

(Photo by: City of Wabasha, Brady Wodele, Matt Wobbe)

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