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Area Mayors Re-election Plans

Several cities in SE Minnesota will be electing new Mayors in November.

Red Wing Mayor Mike Wilson announced he would not seek re-election. Gary Iocco, a former Goodhue County commissioner, and Nicky Buck, a current Red Wing School Board member, are running for that seat.

Plainview Mayor, Aaron Luckstein, made his announcement this week that he is not seeking re-election.

Luckstein says if anyone has thoughts about running for Mayor he is happy to talk to them. Filing dates are July 30-August 13th.

Lake City Mayor, Mark Nichols, is finishing up his second term and is not running again.

Nichols says during his 7 years on the Planning Commission and 8 years as Mayor the City has had some wonderful projects completed and he calls the Mayor role as his most rewarding job.

Current Lake City City Council members, Russell Boe and Brian Quin will face off in November.


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