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Wabasha County Public Health COVID Impact Survey

Wabasha County Public Health is asking county residents to participate in a short online survey to get your input on how the COVID pandemic has impacted you and your institution.

Tammy M. Fiedler, Public Health Director, Wabasha County, says they are currently collaborating on a community needs assessment relating to the impacts of COVID-19 on Wabasha County.

Wabasha County Public Health has Term 4 nursing students from Winona State University working with public health nurses in Wabasha County. WSU nursing student, Shelby Holmstrom, says they are doing a variety of things helping out and the assessment is an important one.

Holmstrom says the goal is to help get a better idea of how Wabasha County residents were impacted by COVID from a financial, social, mental, physical, and academic standpoint.

The brief online survey is completely anonymous, and answers will be used to create a community needs assessment and presentation relating to Wabasha County.

The link to the survey can be found on the Wabasha County Public Health Facebook page.

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