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Wabasha and Winona Bridge Work

Motorists crossing over the Mississippi River in Wabasha and Winona will encounter lane closures as crews inspect the bridges in June, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The inspection evaluates safety and monitors the effects of traffic, weather and other elements on the structure.

The Highway 60 Wabasha bridge inspection is scheduled to occur Monday, June 3rd through Thursday the 6th.

Traffic will be reduced to a single lane. Flaggers will briefly stop traffic in one direction to allow vehicles traveling in the opposite direction to cross. Once they’ve crossed, vehicles in the other direction will be allowed to pass. Short traffic delays are expected.

The Highway 43 eastbound Winona bridge inspection is scheduled to occur June 10-18. Traffic will be reduced to a single lane. There is a possibility that the westbound bridge may be inspected as well.

Crews will use a snooper truck, which allows the inspection team to maneuver under the bridge, while the truck is parked on the bridge deck.

Motorists should watch for lane closures when bridges are scheduled for inspection.


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