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Red Wing Grant Application Electric Vehicle Charger

During the consent part of their agenda, the Red Wing City Council recently approved an application for a Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) Grant for a Public Electric Vehicle Charger.

The grant would fund up to $5,000 toward a Level 2 electric vehicle charger in the Studebaker Parking Ramp. The ramp is located off the Highway 61 corridor, and in close proximity to parks, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment.

Council member Evan Brown says the goal is to increase energy efficiency and decrease the City's carbon footprint, and to develop a transportation plan to move toward nextgeneration vehicles.

Brown says the city’s plans include working toward an energy-efficient and low carbon footprint fleet of city vehicles.

Brown says the city conducted a suitabililty assessment study of EVs early this year to see what options are available.

Staff estimates that the equipment and installation costs for the project would range from approximately $17,500 to $ 19,500. The Sustainability Commission has allocated $4,086 for the project. Additionally, staff was contacted by a community member wanting to donate $2,500 towards the project.

If the City receives funding from the CERTs grant, the City would still be responsible for the remaining $ 8,000 to $ 11,000.

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