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Red Wing Flooding Impacts

Flooding is again expected along the Mississippi River in Red Wing following several more significant rainfall events locally and around the state.  

  • Bay Point Park – The east drive of the park is closed, this includes barricades on the sidewalk limiting access. The Bay Point Marina gas dock is open but will need to close at some point this week if the projected crest is reached.

  • Levee Park – The parking lot is closed. The rest of the park was already closed due to continued flooding.

  • Levee Road at the Boat House Village – Barricades have been staged to limit access to the Red Wing Marina and Boat House Village. If water enters the parking lot (at around 12 ½ feet), it will be closed.

  • Levee Road – Barricades will be staged nthis week depending on when the water crests the road. Water is over the road by 14 feet. Closures are typically by Pottery Pond and Red Wing Grain’s driveway.

  • East Fifth Street – Barricades are being staged to close the road at the railroad underpass (just past the parking lot for He Mni Can-Barn Bluff). The road floods between 12 ½ and 13 feet. When put in place, this road closure will close the Wastewater Treatment Plant/City Lab to the public until future notice.

  • Colvill Park – Barricades are in place at the park entrance at the highway underpass. The park closure includes the closure of the Red Wing Water Park.

Motorists should never drive through floodwaters or around road barricades or signage.


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