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Red Wing Community Phone Survey Update

A few hundred residents in Red Wing will be getting a special call this month and city officials are encouraging you to answer it because it will help shape future decisions.

Michelle Leise, Community Engagement Facilitator, says the Morris Leatherman Company is conducting a community survey by phone and they guarantee demographic results that equal or are extremely close to the percentages of Red Wing’s overall population; MLC can supply comparisons to how our community answered the same questions in the past; and can share how Red Wing compares to other Minnesota cities with similar demographics on specific questions that Red Wing.

Leise says if you don’t or can’t answer, MLC will call again, sometimes as many as 20 times, and respondents can call back and either answer the survey right away or even schedule a future time.

Four hundred people will be called and the survey has around 120 questions but takes only about 15 minutes to complete.

The results of the survey will be presented to the Red Wing Council during a special Tuesday, October 10th meeting.

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