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Pierce Pepin Cooperative PPC Grants

Second quarter grants were recently awarded by Pierce Pepin Cares, the charitable foundation of Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services (PPCS), to six local non-profits.


The Pierce Pepin Cares board approved a total of $3,000 in grants, split evenly, to the Durand Fire Relief Association, Healing Play, Inc., The Luke 3:11 Project, Pierce County Historical Association, the Prescott Fire Department, and the River Bluff Humane Society in Red Wing.


Pierce Pepin Cares is funded by PPCS members who generously round up their monthly energy bills to the nearest dollar through Operation Round Up®, as well as direct donations.  


Durand Fire Relief Association received their $500 grant which will all go towards a new tanker/tender truck.

Healing Play, Inc. plans to use their grant to invest in accessible surfacing for phase 2 of their Fairy Wonderland Park.

The Luke 3:11 Project is putting their grant into purchasing heavy winter gloves/mittens for adults and children, adult winter boots, snow pants for all ages, and adult winter coats.

Pierce County Historical Association will spend its $500 on purchasing new acid-free storage boxes to store military uniforms.

Prescott Fire Department’s grant will be spent on a thermal imager for their Tender 2 firetruck.

The River Bluff Humane Society’s grant will help them continue their mission of providing shelter, food, and veterinary care for stray, injured, and homeless animals.

PICTURE: PPCS Senior Accountant Barb Bee (left)presented a $500 check to Liz Zolondek of River View Bluff Humane Society to help them continue their mission of helping needy animals.



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