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Lake City Downtown Gas Leak Evacuation

Lake City residents were alerted late last night around 10 pm of an emergency in the downtown area on the block surrounding Lake Pepin Button Company .


A major gas line had been severed and a small area was evacuated. Lake City Police, Fire and Ambulance crews responded to the as well as Xcel Energy crews and they were assisted at the scene by Wabasha County Sheriff's office and the Minnesota State Patrol.


TEMPORARY SHELTER was set up at Valley View Assembly of God Church for those that were displaced by this emergency.


At 10:41pm last night, the gas leak had been stopped and crews  remained on scene for a time until gas levels in the area were  confirmed to be at acceptable levels and door to door checks of gas levels were done in the area.


By 11:20 pm Highway 61 was re-opened and traffic was proceeding normally through the area and a few minutes later, the ALL-CLEAR had been given and residents from the area were told they could return to their homes.

Authorities said, as of 11:34 pm last night, gas service interruption continued for some in the affected area (yellow square). For buildings unaffe0cted, gas service was restored.


PICTURED: The red dot indicates the location of the incident, the yellow square is the city block that is affected and was evacuated. The green route is where traffic was routed around the emergency.

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