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Highway 61 Shoulder and Lane Closures

Highway 61 motorists between Lake City and Red Wing should be alert this week through Friday for shoulder and lane closures while crews are cutting trees and clearing the wood in preparation for an upcoming summer construction project.

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, crews will be closing the shoulder of the road while cutting trees and then using lane closures with flaggers during the cleanup and removal of the downed trees.

This is preparation work for a MnDOT contractor to begin work July 5th to resurface the road north of Lake City to south of Red Wing.

The project will also include adding passing lanes near Frontenac to reduce congestion and allow an area for safer passing between Lake City and Red Wing. To create the bypass lanes, MnDOT will turn an intersection at the western end of 296th Street into a cul-de-sac.

MnDOT will also realign some intersections so that vehicles waiting to enter or cross Highway 61 will have improved visibility, widen the road in multiple places to accommodate a bike lane, upgrade guardrails, and complete bridge maintenance.

A detour will be in place from July 5 through September 16 north of Lake City. The project is expected to be complete by October 25th.

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