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Goodhue County Community Health Needs Results

Goodhue County Health and Human Services have released the results of their 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment.

Mental Health & Mental Disorders was the #1 health issue in Goodhue County according report. Concerns about access to mental health care, and how the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated mental health issues were frequently brought up by key informants and community members.

Housing & Homes is the #2 health issue, housing insecurity is linked to worse mental health and an increased risk of disease.

Other issues in the top ten, drug and alcohol, which was third on the list, economic stability, education and health access and quality, and economic stability.

The Community Health Needs Assessment is a partnership with Mayo Clinic Health System, City of Red Wing Government, and United Way of Goodhue, Wabasha & Pierce Counties.

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