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Wabasha Main Street Project

The Wabasha Main Street project progress has moved quickly this summer.

The City of Wabasha’s contractor Pember is finishing up replacing 100+ year water and sewer lines on Main Street.

As part of the project, the City was able to remove all lead pipes, which will keep the citys water clean and safe.

The new pipes will also prevent groundwater from entering our system. During the past year’s spring flood, a lot of groundwater entered our water system due to the old clay pipes under the ground.

The new sewer and water pipes will help keep Wabasha’s system from overflowing during flood events.

This $8.5 million project is supported by a federal low interest loan called the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority (PFA) Clean Water Drinking Fund and the City was able to save over $500,000 in interest due to the low interest loan.

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Drone photo taken by resident Jim Mathias

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