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T-Mobile Hometown Grants Honoring Dakota Mural


T-Mobile hosted a check presentation Wednesday at Central Park, located near the Goodhue County Government Building to celebrate Red Wing being chosen as one of its latest 25 Hometown Grant recipients.

A $50,000 grant will go toward commissioning the “Honoring Dakota – We Are All Related” mural to celebrate the Dakota people, their history, and honor their contributions to the community.

The project was submitted by Red Wing Arts.

The final mural design will be shared and painted on the City’s 320 Bluff Street building in September, with a ceremony held October 9th on Chief Red Wing

red and painted on the City's 320Bluff Street building with a ceremony being held October Launched in April 2021, T-Mobile Hometown Grants is a $25 million, five-year initiative to support the people and organizations who help small towns across America thrive and grow by providing funding to kickstart vital community development projects.

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