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Spring Valley Middle/High School Gun Threat

The Spring Valley Police Department was notified by the School District of Spring Valley last Thursday morning of an individual who had possession of a firearm in their backpack, located at Spring Valley Middle/High School.

The school advised they had implemented their “hold in place” protocol.

The Spring Valley Police Department, along with Pierce County Sheriff’s Office responded to the school. Upon arrival at the school, staff briefed law enforcement that prior to their arrival, staff had already identified and located the individuals posing the potential threat.

Staff confiscated the backpack and took steps to make sure all students in the school were safe. Law enforcement secured the firearm which was found inside a box that was located in the backpack, along with ammunition for the firearm.

It was determined through investigation with the involved individuals and witnesses that there was no further threat to the students, staff, or the community.

This investigation remains ongoing by the Spring Valley Police Department and Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.

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