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Red Wing Police Scam Fraud Alert

The Red Wing Police Department says citizens of Red Wing have reported receiving telephone calls from someone impersonating detectives with the Red Wing Police Department demanding money.

The caller posing as a Red Wing Investigator tells the victim they failed to appear for a court hearing, committed fraud of some kind, or have an outstanding warrant, and must take care of this by sending money immediately. The caller instructs the victim to send the money through the digital wallet app Venmo and will walk them through setting it up and sending the money.

This digital transfer is immediate. You cannot cancel or reserve this transfer once you hit send.

The Red Wing Police Department will NEVER call citizens to supply money for failure to appear in court, warrants, or other reasons.

You should also never send money to an online digital wallet without confirming the person's identity requesting the money.

If you receive this telephone call, please report it to the Red Wing Police Department at 651-385-3155.

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