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Red Wing City Council Approves Xcel Charging Station

The Red Wing City Council Monday voted 4–3 to direct staff to work with Xcel Energy to develop and construct an electric vehicle charging station in a designatred area behind the old Bauer Built building at 1511 Old West Main.

Xcel Energy recently approached the City to request the site for one of the 21 DC fast charging stations they'll be installing in their outstate territory.

Council member Becky Norton says it’s a good fit and when the area was reconstructed, charging infrastructure was included.

The charging station would be paid for by Xcel, and any revenue generated would go to Xcel (for at least 10 years).

Mayor Mike Wilson suggested the city may want to think about putting private businesses in competition with a public utility.

Council members Don Kliewer, Ron Goggin and Janie Farr voted no.

Xcel’s goal is to have the charger operational by the end of the year.

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