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Red Wing City 2023 Levy and Budget Approved

Following Monday nights Truth in Taxation public hearing, the Red Wing City Council unanimously approved the 2023 levy and budget.

The council approved a property tax levy of $23,599,812, a 0% increase over the 2022 property tax levy.

Board Chair, Becky Norton said the 0% percent levy is a result of a year long process and that city staff did a great job cutting what they could.

Although there is no increase to the levy, many people will see higher property taxes, something the City does not control. Norton points out that the average market value on a single family home in Red Wing increased by 19.58%.

The 2023 Capital Improvement Program was approved at $3,022,831.

The 2023 Red Wing Port Authority’s and Housing Redevelopment Authority budgets also passed unanimously.

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