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PEM Teachers Union Statement

According to the the Plainview-Elgin-Millville Teachers’ Union, teachers in the school district will no longer voluntarily substitute for their colleagues.

This school year, when a teacher is out, teachers who are there, have been covering their classes.

The union posted on their Facebook page this week, in part, saying, “Starting today, all members of the PEM Teachers’ Union will no longer voluntarily substitute for each others’ classrooms or do additional voluntary coverage during the school day. Teachers will still complete all contractual duties (like teaching and coaching) but will not provide coverage beyond normal classroom assignments.

In addition, the PEM Teachers’ Union will continue to take additional actions every Friday until the School Board starts actively supporting our teachers, staff, and students.”

According to the PEM Teachers’ Union, teachers have requested the PEM School Board meet the following conditions:

The PEM School Board faithfully reaches a respectable and fair contract with the teachers. All the teachers are asking for is a sustainable pay raise that is well below the cost of living increases, and that is in line with other state and local increases. The teachers are also asking that they do not need to lose benefits to simply get adequate pay.

2. The PEM School Board dissolves the so-called “Coaches Committee” until a time at which it can be properly and fairly constructed in a way that serves to actually help our school, students, and coaches in a positive manner.

3. The PEM School Board makes a public apology to the Peter Family for the recent targeting and harassment of teacher/coach Ben Peter.

PEM teachers have been working without a contract since July 2023 and they have been negotiating with the district since June.

No agreement has been reached causing both sides to move to meditation on December 19th.

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