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National Eagle Center Viewing Field Trips reader

National Eagle Center Bald and Golden Eagle viewing field trips are back. The Center’s team of expert naturalists are preparing to lead guests to eagle viewing hotspots once again starting this fall.

Market Manager, Ed Hahn, says the winter is the best time for viewing and after a year off due to COVID, they are thrilled to be scheduling a total of 12 trips for their guests.

Hahn says the group meets at the Eagle Center before boarding a chartered bus to head out on the field trip.

The field trips run from 1-5 pm and Hahn says kids are welcome, and many come and enjoy the trip, but you should be aware that it’s a full day.

Hahn says this year’s field trip schedule features more field trips than previous years, 12, and a greater variety of subjects, adding Tundra Swan and waterfowl field trips.

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