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National Eagle Center Teacher Advisory Council

The National Eagle Center is looking for teachers both regionally and from across the United States who are interested in shaping how their fellow teachers and students engage in the learning process about our nation’s symbol: the Bald Eagle.

Through regular roundtable discussions and collaboration, members of the new Teacher Advisory Council will:

  • Develop a forum to share best practices, discuss challenges, problem-solve, and give feedback on a variety of topics including exhibition, curricula, program development, and promotional materials,

  • Make recommendations for and review proposals for new programs for families, teachers, students, and children,

  • Review proposed electronic resource materials for classroom feasibility, including resource sets, gallery hunts, classroom activities, videos, and lesson plan concepts,

  • Pilot and evaluate new programs and/or materials.

Teachers and education professionals interested in learning more and working as part of the Teacher Advisory Council are encouraged to apply online at

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