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MSC Southeast Workforce Summits

MSC Southeast in Red Wing and Winona is holding three Workforce Summits via Zoom, including one Wednesday, October 27, to gather critical feedback from our business, manufacturing, and healthcare partners.

Katie Hardyman, Director of Business Relations, says the information generated by the Workforce Summits will inform the college as it lays plans for future program development.

Hardyman says college faculty and staff will also participate in the Workforce Summits, with the objective of identifying possible partnerships, better understanding local workforce needs, and determining potential areas for program modification or development.

Hardyman says they are holding three sessions to be sure that curriculum development and design is keeping current with the needs of specific area workforce sectors.

The Business Workforce Summit is Wednesday, October 27, from 8 -10 am, Health Sciences Workforce Summit: Friday, October 29, 8 -10 am and the Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Summit: Wednesday, November 3, 8 -10 am

To RSVP, agendas, and Zoom links, go to or the MSC Southeast Facebook page.

You can also email Amy Drazkowski at or call 507-453-1479.

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