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Klobuchar AM for Every Vehicle Act

AM radio is under attack by several automakers, including Ford, VW, Volvo, Tesla, and BMW, who want to take AM radio out of their new vehicles, claiming the AM Band interferes with electric vehicles performance.

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), a member of the Senate Commerce Committee, says she is a cosponsor of legislation that has bipartisan support to protect access to AM radio. She says it's not often Senators Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz agree on anything but they both support this legislation.

Klobuchar says the AM for Every Vehicle Act would ensure this vital communication tool remains available in all cars by directing federal regulators to require automakers to maintain AM broadcast radio in new vehicles at no additional charge.

The bill is endorsed by the National Association of Broadcasters and the National Association of Farm Broadcasters.

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