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Highway 52 Access Closures

Permanent access closures in Goodhue County to Hwy 52 are in place at 90th Avenue, 100th Avenue, 110th Avenue, and 415th Street at Hwy 52 is closed to build a frontage road, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Following completion of cul-de-sac construction between Hader and Goodhue County Road 1, these closures will improve long-term safety along Hwy 52 by reducing uncontrolled intersection access.

Signs are placed on the roads and near approach roads to inform motorists of the closures and guide them to routes to access Hwy 52. Barricades are also in place at the new cul-de-sacs and motorists should not drive around them to access the highway.

Doing so is illegal and dangerous.

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