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Goodhue County Sheriff's Scams

The Goodhue County Sheriff's Office wants area residents to be aware that they have received reports about a local phone scam in which the scammers impersonate Sheriff's Office personnel to fraudulently obtain money from innocent victims.

Goodhue County Dispatch fielded a dozen calls about this scam Wednesday.

The scammer can also manipulate caller ID to make the number appear to come from the local law enforcement, the sheriff's office or 911. The caller tells the person there is a warrant out for their arrest for a certain amount of fine.

The scammer then tells the potential victim that their options are either to surrender themselves to the Sheriff's Office for arrest, or that they may pay a "reduced" payment of the fine to adjudicate the warrant.

Yet another clever scam, the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office has been made aware of a letter being mailed to local residents from the United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association titled “To Help Supply Body Armor and training to our Red Wing Area Police and Deputy Sheriff’s”.

This letter appears to be well intended but the Sheriff’s Office assures you that all our officers have bulletproof vests and that they have adequate local government funding to purchase new vests for all our officers when they expire.

This money does NOT benefit the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office or the Red Wing Police Department.

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