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Goodhue County History Center Free Family Fun Day

The Goodhue County History Center is offering a Free Family Fun Day Saturday from noon-3 pm.

Join them at 1166 Oak Street in Red Wing and learn about the adaptations of different bird beaks by looking at their differing qualities, the different ways that birds use their beaks, and how the size and shape of beaks relates to the foods that species of birds eat.

Park Naturalist, Maddie Dubois- Clinton, will bring a variety of tools to represent different bird beak styles and different "foods" that birds eat.

Kids can use the tools to see what foods they are most effective with and try to match the tool to the style of bird beak to a local species of bird to lean why that species has the adaptations it has.

Also have fun doing crafts and scavenger hunt.

For more information, go to

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