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Goodhue County Broadband Funding

As part of the Federal Consolidated Appropriations Act signed last month, Goodhie County will receive 3.21 million dollars to provide broadband coverage to multiple rural unserved and under-served areas in the county.

Budgeted projects include:

· Mazeppa west: just over $1 million

· Goodhue east: $1.4 million

· Goodhue north: $1.1 million

· Hay Creek: $462 thousand

· Welch Village: $80 thousand

· Fixed wireless project utilizing licensed 5-G spectrum: will receive $150,000.

· According to a press release, the fixed wireless portion could “potentially provide increased bandwidth to nearly 800 homes, 1,800 individuals, more than 1,300 farms and agricultural parcels, and as many as 60 schools, churches, public safety and other municipal and public service locations”.

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