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Gernes Drugs Guilty Plea

A 24-year-old Lake City man has entered a guilty plea to a charge of second-degree drug sales in exchange for the dismissal of a first-degree charge and a third-degree drug charge.

Wabasha County prosecutors reached a plea agreement with Noah Gernes to avoid a prison sentence in the case that involved the seizure of about $80,000 in cash last year.

Wabasha County Sheriff's Deputies executed a search warrant at an apartment in Lake City last November finding the money, and about 11 pounds of suspected marijuana and marijuana wax.

An undisclosed amount of ecstasy laced with fentanyl, as well as over a pound of hallucinogenic mushrooms were also seized.

The agreement calls for Gernes receiving a stayed prison sentence of just under five years, five years on probation, and a maximum of four months in jail.

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