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City Council Meeting Mayor Veto

The Red Wing City Council will meet Monday December 19th at 5:30 in a special meeting to consider a Motion to Override Mayor Wilson’s veto of an Ordinance to Amend City Code from the Arts and Culture Commission to the Arts and Culture Commission and Arts Fund.

The Ordinance’s second reading was adopted by a 5-2 vote of at the Council Monday night meeting.

Mayor Mike Wilson vetoed the Ordinance change, saying he “would like more discussion on the amount of funds by public & private projects”.

The veto override requires a two-thirds Council vote (five votes).

If City Council overrides the veto, the Ordinance becomes adopted. Council can also delay action to have a further discussion at a later date.

The Arts and Culture Commission and Arts Fund would apply a 1% art policy to city capital projects starting in 2024.

The general policy for contributions to public construction projects would be 1% and private development of over 1-million dollars or more would be subject to a mandatory public arts requirement of .5 % of the construction or reconstruction cost.

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