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AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act

AM radio is under attack by several automakers, including Ford, VW, Volvo, Tesla, and BMW, who are taking AM radio out of their new vehicles.

Minnesota Broadcasters Association President, Wendy Paulson, says now they want the U.S. Congress to eliminate the AM band on all new cars.

Paulson, says in response, there is bipartisan and bicameral support for legislation stopping that from becoming law.

Paulson says people all over the country depend on AM Radio for emergency broadcasts and a host of other programming from local sports, news, and more.

Makers of electric vehicles claim the AM Band interferes with the cars performance. Paulson says a simple software download could alleviate the problems EV’s may be experiencing.

Paulson urges people to contact their legislators and tell them to support the AM radio legislation. You can also text 52886 or go to

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