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River Trail Joint Powers Board Federal Grant

The City of Wabasha, the City of Kellogg, Wabasha County, and Greenfield Township have formed the River Trail Joint Powers Board to work on a project for a future bridge over the Zumbro River and trail link connecting the communities. 

Working cooperatively, the entities applied for and recently received notification that they have been approved for a $1.5 million grant award in federal aid from the state Transportation Alternatives Program.

According to the Plainview News, the program supports projects that help create walking and biking opportunities. 

The approved funding is programmed in 2028, however, the Joint Powers Board is working to construct the project and other potential funding opportunities sooner.

The funds will help with construction of a multi-use trail and trail bridge from Winona Avenue near Kellogg over the Zumbro River, connecting to 645th Street. 

Kellogg secured $10,000 from the Wabasha County Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP)  to fund planning for the shared use trail in December 2022 and another $8,000 of SHIP funding to support engineering costs for the bridge in January 2024.  

This project was envisioned by the Wabasha Area Walk/Bike Advocates. 

Visit to learn more about the project.

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