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Red Wing City Council Spring Tour Projects

The Red Wing City Council will embark on their traditional spring tour Saturday morning to look at upcoming construction sites and to review previous or ongoing construction sites.

The tour is audio recorded and the recording will be available to the public the following week.

This Spring Tour will include stops at 1511 Old West Main (Bauer Built Building) to discuss the proposed development project, the bus will stop between 3306 Kosec Dr and the intersection of Old Tyler and Tyler Road S 1090 Briarwood to look at potential future residential development sites, and they will visit the 17 acre site on Technology Drive to discuss potential site for a new Public Safety Facility.

Next on the tour, the council will stop at 229 Tyler Road North (Public Works Facility) to discuss the Dietrich property and development of Public Safety/PW facility.

The tour continues with a stop along Levee Road to identify the location and give an overview of the replacement project of the Port Authority’s grain barge mooring dolphins currently leased to Red Wing Grain, LLC and a stop at the Port Authority Bulkhead to explain the rehabilitation work planned on the facility.

The tour wraps up with a stop at Carlson Kiln to view He Mni Can/Barn Bluff Phase 2 Improvements -  ADA trail and ramp and raised viewing platform; Discussion Future Phase 3 (Welcome Center) Scheduling.

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