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Xcel Heat Tips

With temperatures expected to climb toward triple digits this week across the Upper Midwest, Xcel Energy is encouraging customers to consider ways to save energy and keep their bills low.

Home cooling can account for about half of a summertime electric bill.

There are several steps customers can take to save energy, including:

· Installing a programmable thermostat that raises the temperature when the house is empty and lowers it to a comfortable level when everyone comes home.

· Running ceiling fans counter-clockwise in the summer to circulate cooler air throughout the home.

· Opening interior doors to improve the circulation of cool air inside.

· Using a whole-house or attic fan to draw in cool nighttime air and push out hot air during the day.

· Closing drapes and blinds during the heat of the day.

Customers can also reduce their overall bills by:

· Turning off lights and electronics when they’re not in use.

· Running washing machines, clothes dryers and dishwashers with full loads and only after the heat of the day. This helps keeps the house cooler and reduces strain on the electric grid.

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