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Wabasha Flood Self Inspections

Recently postcards were sent to all properties and property owners in Wabasha requesting a self-inspection by completing an online survey from Bolton & Menk.


This is a valid request and not a scam.


The City of Wabasha is required by the MN Department of Health to complete an inventory of water service pipe material in the city. If you received a postcard but don’t have city water service (i.e., your water is provided through a private well), you may ignore the request.


If you are unable to complete the self-inspection and survey, please call the number on the postcard 612-843-4385, and leave a message stating that you would prefer to schedule an inspection appointment.


The city’s engineering firm, Bolton & Menk, will be in town starting Thursday to conduct home inspections. If you leave a message requesting an appointment, they will do their best to call and schedule an appointment with you for the inspection.



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