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Wabasha Fire and Sheriff Large Air Boat Grant

The Wabasha Fire Department and the Wabasha County Sheriff’s Office recently received a Federal grant to purchase a large air boat.


This grant had been worked on for over 3 years with Fire Chief Darren Sheeley being the primary person looking to acquire this equipment. With the cooperation between Wabasha County and the City of Wabasha, it finally happened.


The Fire Department did use some of their gambling funds to help match the Federal dollars.


All total, the boat and equipment came in at around $130,000.


The fire department is going to start some rigorous training soon and the hope is by spring, the boat is fully staffed. The boat was built for ice rescue.


Wabasha Fire Chief Darren Sheeley commented, “We couldn’t be more excited to obtain a piece of rescue equipment such as this. We hope we never have to use it in a rescue but will surely be glad we have it if we do. It will also help keep our volunteer staff safer and will be an asset for the whole county.”

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