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UWRF Wuethrich Family/Grassland Dairy Center

The much anticipated Wuethrich Family/Grassland Dairy Center of Excellence at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls is now up and running.


The first batch of cheddar cheese was produced the last week of February.


The cheese is the first produced at the plant that has been a decade in the making and holds the aspirations of state of Wisconsin and dairy industry officials as a site to not only produce cheese and ice cream but to train UW-River Falls students and dairy industry employees to work in a modern dairy setting.


The plant also will serve as a test site, a place to experiment with developing different varieties of cheese and ice cream. 




UW-River Falls junior Makenzie Skibbie adds rennet to a batch of cheddar cheese being produced Tuesday at the university’s Wuethrich Family/Grassland Dairy Center of Excellence. Rennet promotes curdling, helping transform milk into cheese. UWRF/Pat Deninger photo.


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