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The U.S. Army Corps Ice Warnings

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District, continues to urge extreme caution while recreating near lakes and rivers this winter season.

Current ice conditions are poor at best with minimal ice on most lakes and rivers in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota.

Continued fluctuations of temperatures above and below freezing are not helpful in making good, clear ice.

Just last week, a total of 122 anglers were successfully rescued from an ice floe that detached from the main ice on a northern Minnesota lake and local authorities have reported dozens oif incidents, including fatalities.

Some things to keep in mind on the ice: Never go out on an ice cover alone, and never go out on the ice if there is any question of its safety, avoid ice near open water, and remember ice conditions can change from day to day.

The DNR recommends at least four inches of clear ice before walking out on a lake.

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