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St. Elizabeth’s Field of Dreams

The St. Elizabeth’s Field of Dreams is an annual tradition of farmers in the Wabasha area who plant and harvest a field in front of St. Elizabeth’s hospital and donate the crops to the hospital.

Tom Crowley, St Elizabeth’s Community Foundation Director, says it’s been going on for over 2 decades on a 40-acre plot of land now affectionately known as Jake’s Field of Dreams.

Funds from last year and this are going towards a new health and wellness center in Wabasha with a 9-10 million dollar price tag, which will include a drive-thru pharmacy – the only one of its kind in Wabasha.

It’s named in honor of Jake Abbott, a long-time hospital and foundation board member who worked closely with the farming community to create the Field of Dreams concept.

Crowley says the Field of Dreams has really been a real community project.

Crowley says they hope to prepare the site in the spring for construction.

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